Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Delicious Monster, Monstera Deliciosa, philodendron, or whatever you have come to know these gorgeous big, green, leathery, glossy leaves. The Delicious monster was the very beginning of our Wallpaper journey.

When I think of delicious monsters, I go back to my childhood. I remember building forts under the leaves of the huge delicious monsters that engulfed a portion of my moms garden, or designing my first “cafe”, and sitting under the huge leaves with my siblings eating our sandwich and carrot stick lunch. There are so many precious memories linked to those beautiful, leathery, big green leaves.

How the delicious monster design came about?

In 2015 I resigned from my corporate gig to give my own thing a very real shot. In my very unemployed state, I started writing a list of all the things I would want in my home, things I thought to be beautiful, things that I wanted, things that would make my home more stylish. Then I went out to look for these things. Did anything fit into my unemployed budget – NO. And that ultimately determined the direction of abide, providing beautiful, trendy and unique homeware with an affordable price tag.

Now as much as designing unique and affordable homeware was an integral part of abide –  there was wallpaper! I have a very real obsession with wallpapers and was never able to afford putting them in my own home. SO, we sourced and sourced and sourced and managed to find a manufacturer who would print our bespoke illustrated designs, with a really affordable price tag . . . AND the wallpaper is reusable.

How the design has evolved over the past few years?

The delicious monster print began as a sketch from a drawing challenge. After the 40 days of drawing there were a few sketches that I really liked the look of and wanted to see if there was anything else that could be done with them.

After hours upon hours of overlaying the prints and matching the pattern repeat the delicious monster wallpaper design was born. Initially only available in Black, a year later we developed the Emerald Green and now launching our full colour print. The delicious monster design is a firmly established favourite, with endless possibilities.

Are the colours customisable?

With the Botanics Wallpaper range, we are able to fully customise colours to match Pantone. So if you are looking for a white leaf on black background, coral leaf on white, yellow on orange, whatever combo you can think of – we can do it.

The customisable limitation is with our latest delicious monster print in our tropics range. This full colour print is available on a white or black background with no other customisations available.

The Delicious Monster print is a personal favourite, and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about our latest colour release.

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